Tuesday, March 6

Disneyland, Home of Pestilence

Hello all!

Currently, I am home to a fine family of bacteria that seems to have taken refuge in my respiratory system. That, coupled with seasonal allergies, has effectively taken me out of commission. I spent yesterday largely in bed watching Simpsons re-runs while my white blood cells fought a courageous battle for control over valuable parts of my immune system. During the night, unfortunately, the bacteria seems to have regrouped and reconquered lost territory. So where did I find these lovely microscopic fiends? Why, the Happiest Place on Earth of course!

It was my sister-in-law's birthday this past weekend and the family surprised her with a trip to Disneyland. The park was packed. Terezita and I have had annual passes for about two years now and we know the best times to visit the park: mostly Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the day on rainy afternoons, especially during a bomb threat... but those days are few and far between. Sunday, though, was egregious. Not only was it a bright sunny weekend, but it was also the day of some sort of cheerleader competition. Thus, there were hundreds of pre-teen girls in curt ponytails and bright colored outfits roaming the parks. The lines were long and the night began to get chilly and both Terezita and I were exhausted from a night of sleeping on the floor in my in-law's house. I am sure that is when the germs attacked, gaining major footholds into my body.

The day was not bad, though. We had lots of fun. My sister-in-law's boyfriend went as well, which is always fun. I took a video of them going down Grizzly Bear Rapids at California Adventure. Here it is below:

Overall, a fun time was had by all. We ate good food, rode fun rides and spent quality time together. What have all of you been up to?

Tuesday, February 27

Wii Sports, My Excuse for Not Exercising

Well, I guess I haven't been posting as much as I would like. It's hard to get back into the habit. T0day my excuse is that I have been playing Wii Sports since I got home from work (minus time for dinner). I couldn't tear myself away! For one thing, I've been playing amazing today. As I sit sweat-drenched in this chair with my right arm aching, I am still ready to get back to it after I write here.
Like I said, I was friggin' amazing today. When I got home, I played a game of baseball. Now, I hardly ever play baseball. My game is boxing, personally. But today, I scored 7 runs in the first inning and pitched a no-hitter. It was a mercy rule. I went up over one hundred points! Then I played tennis. I played a 3 out of 5 match and won all 3 of the first games. Two were won with the other team only scoring once! I rock.
If you don't have a Wii and are reading this, you're probably thinking unfriendly thoughts along the lines of "pathetic loser" and such, but you cannot understand the power of a Wii unless you are one of the privileged few to own one. The very best reason to own a Wii, though, is not its addictive gameplay or innovative controls. No, the power of the Wii lies in its incredible power to be an excuse to not exercise.
Allow me to elaborate. Ever since I moved out on my own, I have gained a large amount of weight. I blame a couple things:
  1. Job Switch - I went from being a teacher where I was up and actively teaching for hours everyday and helping out in the child care to sitting on my increasingly large buttocks for nine hours everyday.
  2. Diet Change - When I lived with my parents, I was fed a large array of home cooked food. During my time living by myself, I mostly ate things that were cooked by microwaves rather than actual heat.
  3. Increased Eating Between Meals - My work provides me with unlimited goodies during the day. I could not help but partake in more than my fair share.
Thus, my body shape went from, well not slim, but healthy to a far more rotund shape.
To thwart my increasing mass, I have vowed to exercise more and eat less. I have been doing fine in the eating less field, cutting way down on in between meal snacks and being more conscientious about what I eat. The exercise, though, has been elusive. This is where the Wii has proved itself very useful.
One does work up quite a sweat from playing the Wii, certainly, but I hesitate to call it real exercise. It does not work one's lower body at all and there is no resistance to the movement required of the activities. Yet, I still use it as an excuse. For example, when my wife asks when I am going to join the gym (I have been meaning to, really), I simply ask her "Gym?! Who needs a gym when we've got a Wii?!" In my mind, I am burning more calories than a beaver in an espresso lake when I play the Wii. I can actually feel the pounds peeling off me. And I know that it is all psychosomatic.
It's even worse now because we have bought more games for the Wii. When I am playing Call of Duty 3, I am sitting down. The most action I get is reloading my weapon, which takes a quick upward jerk of the wrist. Wario Ware: Smooth Moves is a little better, but not nearly enough to be meaningful exercise.
Yet I continue my self-delusion because deep in my heart, I want to believe that exercise can be this easy. *Sigh*

Friday, February 23

I'm Back!

Hello everybody!

After a very very long break from the daily blogging life, I'm back. It has been a crazy couple of months. Here's a recap:

Not News: I've gotten involved in a couple online communities. Wow, that sounds a lot more nerdy when you actually type it out. Well, you can find me here on Digg, here on Wikipedia, and here on Politics.Wikia.

Kinda News: I'm still working at Foldera. I've gotten a couple promotions and am now a "Jr. Tech Writer". No really, you can look it up on the web. Try Wikipedia.

Big News: We moved to Irvine! We now have a bigger place in a nicer area. Pictures are coming soon, promise.

So, I've been thinking about this blog and what I should write about. It has largely been about just everyday life and weird crap I find on the internet, but I would like to create a focus for it; something that will actually mean something. So I've sort of wrote out a kind of mission statement:

Mission Statement:
This blog is about the Internet (especially trends in mass collaboration (like wikis and the like)), Socialism and Whatever Else I Decide.

I suppose you can make unfriendly judgments about my mission statement like "Wait a minute! Whatever else you decide?!?!? Isn't that what you always write about? That doesn't narrow the focus down at all!" To you, I say, "Well, at least it is more focused than it used to be. I really want to see how it evolves over time." And I say it in a self-righteous manner. That's important if you're visualizing this conversation.

So yeah, now I'm gonna go find a new layout for my blog so that it'll be more hip. See you tomorrow!

PS: By the way, look over to the right there. See that little thing that says "What I've Been Reading"? That's a little widget from reader.google.com. It shows you articles that I thought were cool recently. Check them out!

Wednesday, September 27

Howdy, Howdy

Hello, all! I know, I know... I haven't posted forever. Well, since Terezita and I have gotten married (and even for a little while before) I've been living in a studio in Garden Grove. This place does not have an internet connection (or even a open wifi signal) so I'm outa luck. Right now, I'm at a Starbucks on my break, so I thought I'd post a quickie to tell you that my posts here will be sporadic at best and non-existant most likely. I will be posting more as soon as we move back to Irvine (which is in the plans). Our best to all of youse. See y'all later!

Sunday, July 30

Random Link

The Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker From Soda-Club

Alright, I realize that not everyone will think that this is as cool as I think it is, but check it out! This is a way to make your own homemade sodas that are supposedly healthier for you and all. Plus, you can create your own!

...Well, I think it's cool...